Our History

Hartley seeks to provide treatments with 'old fashioned' quality in unique formulations extracted from nature, providing a product  you can trust which cares for yourself and your family.

Started in 1971 by a general practitioner in Sydney Australia, Hartley's now uses the resources of some of the finest technicians, traditional medical consultants and local medical advisors to develop products to enhance your family's health and lifestyle.

Hartley's together with its production partners provide:-

  • Highest quality product Therapeutic Goods Government Department approved.
  • Product quality assured and production controlled in GMP approved manufacturing plant.

Hartley's have sought the advice of Health Care professionals and experienced formulation consultants to assist in developing and testing its formulation concepts. Hartley's have maintained its fundamental philosophy of combining both conventional and traditional medicine to provide performance effective, unique products that care for your family...naturally.

Hartley's Gripe Water is a leading colic and wind medicine for infants. Word of mouth from mother to daughter has made Hartley's Gripe water a popular remedy for infants and is available from leading Pharmacies throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Look at the 'Frequently Asked Questions' (FAQs), or simply purchase some Hartley's Gripe Water, to relieve colic that babies can often suffer or you can send us an email with your query.

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