TYGERライザー4インチブラックサイドステップNerfバーフィット09 – 14フォードf150スーパーカブ 65%以上節約 使い勝手の良い

TYGERライザー4インチブラックサイドステップNerfバーフィット09 – 14フォードf150スーパーカブ

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TYGERライザー4インチブラックサイドステップNerfバーフィット09 – 14フォードf150スーパーカブ



TYGERライザー4インチブラックサイドステップNerfバーフィット09 – 14フォードf150スーパーカブ

I have a 2013 F150 supercab....and when I bought it a couple year ago, this used truck came with aftermarket nerf bars already installed. The old ones that I removed look exactly like the the Westin 23-3515 bars. On these old bars, the 90-degree curved front and rear ends that attach to the body-brackets were really starting to corrode and the plating was coming off, so the metal had no weather protection left. The reason for the corrosion is due to ice and snow and mud building up on the curved sections and just sitting there and not falling off. I'm glad I decided to replace them when I did...because when I unbolted the bars from the brackets, all sorts of dirt and rust just poured out. They were rotting from the inside-out, so it was a matter of time before I stepped on it and breaking them off at the bracket bolts. These new Tyger nerf bars are actually thoughtfully designed....due to the metal brackets having plastic covers on them to shield the brackets from building up crud on them and rusting. The ends of these new steps also have plastic covers screwed into them so nothing gets inside. These really look great, and they are about an inch wider than the 3" tubular bars that I took off....so there's more to step on. These are totally bolt-on and require about an hour to put on both sides if you have some basic mechanical abilities. A 13mm socket and ratchet and a 13mm box wrench are all the tools you need. I really recommend these Tyger Auto nerf bars. They are an excellent bang for the buck too. All of the other steps that I found cost alot more. Like $100-300 more and some were more expensive than that. Thanks to Amazon for the fast shipping too.
Great product. Was hoping it was good and easy to install and it didn't disappoint. Instructions were easy to read and understand, packed great, very sturdy . Took me a little longer to install only because I didn't notice the brackets are marked where they go. Other than that, Great looking stepsides, very sturdy, will see how long they stay that way. I just installed them yesterday.
Directions are a little confusing, and by confusing I mean unclear. For example the directions tell you to install the driver side parts to the driver side, however, don't tell you which ones are the driver side. In the end it didn't seem to matter, but once you figure it out and take off your old running boards, it's fairly easy to put on. It took me probably 30-45min to figure out what was going on, but once I did, another 20-30min installing it. Definitely going to need a socket wrench, or a socket drill. I tried doing it with a regular wrench and finally asked my neighbor and he had a socket drill which saved me HOURS. Overall, happy with them. Sturdy, look clean, very happy with them.

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