SHELLY 1 が大特価! 冬バーゲン リレースイッチ ワイヤレス WiFi iOS 2個パック Androidアプリ ホームオートメーション

SHELLY 1 リレースイッチ ワイヤレス WiFi ホームオートメーション iOS Androidアプリ (2個パック)

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SHELLY 1 リレースイッチ ワイヤレス WiFi ホームオートメーション iOS Androidアプリ (2個パック)


高い互換性 - あなたの声で家電を制御します。 Shelly 1 OSはGoogle HomeとAmazon Echoに対応しています。 週ごとのスケジュール - お使いのデバイス用のカスタムデイリースケジュールを作成します。 オープンソース - Mongoose OSのパワーを使用して、独自のアプリケーションを作成します。 Arduinoプロジェクトをオートメーションプロジェクトで活き活き活き活き活き活き活きまた、世界中の開発者とあなたの経験を共有することができます。 プリセットオンオフ機能で機器を制御 - 無料のShelly Cloudアプリケーションを使用して、幅広い家電製品を制御します。 いつでもどこでも家電製品のステータスを確認し、オン/オフをコントロールします。 24時間35日対応アプリケーション - 無料iOS/Android Shelly Cloudアプリケーション いつでもどこでもデバイスのステータスを確認できます。 接続されたデバイスを遠隔でオンまたはオフにします。

SHELLY 1 リレースイッチ ワイヤレス WiFi ホームオートメーション iOS Androidアプリ (2個パック)

If you're at all a DIY home automation person like me, then you will LOVE these. In fact, I highly recommend the whole freakin' Shelly product line. Super easy to use, HIGHLY customizable and not locked to any vendor or software. You don't even have to use their app (All of their products have built in web servers for admin if you want).PROS:- Native MQTT support- Supported by nearly every home automation hub out there.- Great Home Assistant integration (or MQTT if you want more control).- No vendor lock in.- Can handle 120ac, 220ac, or any reasonable amount of DC power.- Compact and low power.- The switch behavior is customizable to just about any setup you want.CONS:- designed to fit behind UK sockets/switches so might not fit in 1/2 gang US boxes as well.- out of the box the firmware needs an update before Home Assistant can talk to it.
Here's what you need to know about these Shelly devices after having tried a half dozen Shelly 1 devices, two Shelly Flood devices, and two Shelly Hamp;T devices. The manufacturer (whether ordering directly from them, or through Amazon) often ship these things with firmware that is so old that the devices don't work with their app. They are very temperamental to get connected, updated, and working properly when this happens. Every time I order one, I feel like I'm rolling the dice. Setup of a single Shelly sensor or switch could take 10 minutes, or it could take two hours. I never know. Once they are working, they do a good job. But their app is embarrassingly bad. I only keep buying Shelly devices because I'm already committed to so many of them and don't feel like learning a new system.
Bought a 2-pack of UL-listed Shelly 1 switches. It was very easy to flash custom firmware using the female header and they're very compact, which is nice.Even though these are UL-listed, keep in mind that they're designed foremost for the EU market: The form factor fits exactly into a round EU junction box, but for a 4" NEMA box, you'll just have to stuff it in (not usually in issue with the compact size though). Similarly, solid AWG 12 wire (very common building wire in the US) just barely fits into the terminal block, and even then the little screws don't always clamp down correctly.I'm docking a couple stars because one of my modules has developed a flaky connection to the SW pin. When I fully screw down the terminal block, it doesn't seem to make contact with the wire, but if I wiggle the screw, I get intermittent contact. This issue was likely caused by mechanical strain from using solid AWG 12 wire.I would recommend that you use AWG 14. If you must have AWG 12, go with stranded.
I read another review similar to my experience - I ordered a 2-pack, but only a 1-pack was delivered (I believe the singles and 2-packs come in similar sized boxes - the 1 pack has two cut-outs internally for a 2nd device).The devices themselves are awesome. They connect to almost anything (HTTP/MQTT/Own app), can be run purely locally (ie. out of the cloud which is key for home automation given how often our internet goes out), and can be flashed with open source firmware like Tasmota, although given how open and connected the Shelly line up is, you really don't need to flash them. The isolated relay contacts allow for a variety of control options ( garage door openers, security light control, pump control, low voltage lighting control).For installation in a single gang US electrical box, even those these devices are really small, things are very tight if you have more than one cable in the box - Ive had to install double gang boxes to get these to fit in in some scenarios (because the box had multiple cables coming in that took up space).