Motorcraft DY1123 スピードセンサー 絶対一番安い SALENEW大人気

Motorcraft DY1123 スピードセンサー

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Motorcraft DY1123 スピードセンサー



Motorcraft DY1123 スピードセンサー

item was a perfect fit for my 1999 Ford Ranger XLT ext. cab 4x4. ABS light was on and when tested, found it was bad. Replaced myself, altho slightly difficult to reach, but nonetheless was able to do the job. Was told it was a metric bolt, was not, was a 3/8 sae bolt, yours may be different.Disconnect negative battery terminal before you start. Sensor is about middle of rear differential, on drivers side facing forward at a slight angle, sway bar slightly in way. 6 inch extension did the job. A flat screwdriver under edge with a little pry and unit popped right out. Put a little oil on o ring and pushed down to seat. Put in bolt tightened to about 20 inch pounds or so and reattached wiring harness. Connected negative terminal and started engine. ABS came on and went out as it should. Will take to my local mechanic and make sure engine code is cleared. Easy enough to do, at my old age, if I can do it you can too.
Started up my 1999 Ford F-250 last week and the ABS light came on (meaning the brakes worked, but the anti-lock system was not working). I thought ok and drove out. Then, I noticed hard shifting, then the “Service Engine Soon” came on and finally, the speedometer stopped working. I was grateful to make it home. Thought I had a major transmission problem and bracing for the worst, called a family friend who is a mechanic. He came over and with his hand-held unit, told me I needed this part. He installed it in 20 minutes and my truck now runs great.So, what is this thing? It senses the speed of the rear wheels. Based on that info, it knows when to shift, what your speed is and whether the anti-lock braking system is working. (If the ABS is not working, you will get a check engine soon light.) All my symptoms.So, if you experience similar problems, replacing this part may be the answer. It is easily accessible since my friend did it without a lift laying on the floor of my garage.
Part replaced a 20 year old broken sensor. Works fine. I am calling out Amazon on their choice of packaging materials, which consisted of a very large barely padded plastic envelope. The part was just tossed in and considering it went through UPS I am lucky it arrived in working order. I have noticed lazy packaging of late on many things including a pair of plastic goggles treated in a similar fashion in a separate order before this one. NOT HAPPY on the cheap, pooptastic shipping envelopes. Might as well start using sandwich bags!! Go back to boxes/appropriate containers. Thank you.
In my 99 Ford 7.3 I've dealing with a no speed,odometer, and a flashing O/D light for months and I replaced this sensor first when I first encountered this issue with a aftermarket version from the store which I had no idea that didn't fix the issue because these are just one of thous sensors its best to go with OEM. I replaced the aftermarket with this OEM everything went back to normal.Thank you very much.




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